19 January 2016

Momentary Prayer

I would know what he would answer me
    and understand what he would say to me.
Would he contend with me in the greatness of his power?
    No; he would pay attention to me.
There an upright man could argue with him,
    and I would be acquitted forever by my judge.
Job 23.5-7

In this moment, Lord, I am feeling an emotion that will change in ten minutes. Or maybe in three minutes. Inconsistent, we all tend to be. Like the wispy clouds tossed about in the wind. Like the beam of sunshine coming in through the window, shifting every few minutes as our planet spins.

We wake up cheerful, and turn into a grouch quicker than an electric kettle can boil water. It is always something silly, or imagined in our own minds. How is it that we even get onto that tangent?

We walk a thin line between rushed and collected. We dash off places, somehow always lacking time. But then we hardly ever slow down enough to notice time.

We barely give a person the chance to say what they really wanted to say. Our own 'needs' seem to get in the way.

Help us pay attention to the moments we are in, at that moment, and not lose it to something else we are trying to get to. So many moments are rich in Your blessing and grace. 

Let this momentary prayer be a consistent reminder of Your consistency, and my need for You. My inconsistency is not even reliable. But You, Lord, are reliable every moment of every day, without any fluctuation or variable. Thank you for being my constant.

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