20 January 2016

Joyful January

For us the winds do blow,
The earth doth rest, heav'n move, and fountains flow,
Nothing we see, but means our good,
 As our delight, or as our treasure:
The whole is, either our cupboard of food,
Or cabinet of pleasure.

 - George Herbert

This month is particularly special to me. Here are some reasons why January is my very favourite:

- Winter is here, and all the lovely things that come along with the season
- I take long walks outside and breathe in the crisp air
- I get to celebrate some special birthdays
- I get to celebrate my birthday multiple times with family and friends
- I pull winter clothes out of my closet; they see the light of day!
- Making outfits with layers is much more fun, and I get to use more of my wardrobe
- Hot beverages are more frequently drunk (coffee and tea all day)
- More time with family and friends makes me smile more often
- The prettiest flowers come into season (tulips)
- I travel to St. Louis for work (and it could snow!)
- I bundle up with scarves, sweaters, and boots here in the south
- Dreams of future travel begin to dance about in my head
- The air feels refreshing, like the atmosphere is washed clean
- Snuggling on my sofa with a warm blanket and book is one of the best activities
- I look ahead with hope at the year ahead

What brings you joy this January?

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