15 January 2016

Solitude Extends Outward

I have been more day dreamy than usual....
My head caught in clouds from time to time.
It's this month.

I wish to dwell in it fully. January is by far my favourite month.
I wish to sink my heart into these days, to immerse myself in these few weeks that become filled with so many lovely things, but also contain many scheduled and responsible things to attend to. 

I am caught betwixt a moment of solitude and moments with chatter and liveliness. Each day has mixtures of both elements, and I lack for neither. The space between moments is the air I breathe slowly and deeply, but my mind is probably leaping bounds ahead. All that motion deep within, while solitude extends outward.

Candles flickering and twinkle lights glowing create the ambient environment in my cosy space. Tea steeps and the teapot radiates heat from the recently boiled water. Hot water means tea time to me. The empty teacup waits to be filled. I seek to bring warm and cosy feelings to any visitor, and I am delighted when they tell me how relaxed they feel. Home should contain our comforts, our stories, our artifacts, and our friends.

Then, the clouds outside will hold our dreams. 

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