02 May 2016

Always Thinking

My mind is in a hundred places sometimes, trying to wonder, wander, sort, and figure out all that is before me. Often I want to figure it all out, but the possibilities are so broad and far reaching that I don't know where to lead, and cannot see that far ahead. I reel in my mind and try to implement camera features, to focus instead on the loving grace of God and the words that keep me deeply rooted in Him. It is okay to wonder and wander, but it is essential that the roots stay firm, and growing deeper all the while.

Without knowing it, I look upon this upcoming month with an eager anticipation. With changes always ahead, sometimes we know what to expect, and sometimes we don't know. I pray for a clear vision of myself, and how I may need to change for the better. To be more loving when it is the hardest thing to do. To do the best thing when nobody is paying attention. To take on a heavier load to ease someone else's burden. To smile when you feel like frowning. To look upon each day as a grace and not as a huge to-do list. 

As I am always thinking, let my thinking draw me closer to You, Lord.

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