27 May 2016

Give Us This Day

Give us this day, Lord.
And may it be aimed toward You.

My heart yearns for that which I cannot attain, and will not attain. My souls seeks and will not be fully satisfied here, so I look to You, Lord. Creator and Sustainer of all things shallow and deep.

From the distant past, His eternal love reached into the future.  - Romans 8.29

I sit in my tiny home, cosy and cool, with sun shining and fresh flowers cheering up tables. Bird song comes from the entangled trees across the alley. My french press brewed coffee is delicious. The added cosiness of my newly wallpapered wall causes me to stare at it with a smile. 

With a gentle, quiet atmosphere, it is easier to feel relaxed, waking up slowly to the grey light, then rising against the dark night.

As thoughts rise, these morning hours produce the most calm and serene words full of hope and good anticipation. I scratch away in my journal to record these thoughts as soon as possible before they turn. (O! How they can turn so quickly!) As the day moves forward, thoughts can lean toward worry and doubt. I try to squash them before the thought can develop. Worry doesn't help anything. It doesn't make me feel better and it doesn't solve any problems, so I aim to turn it into something better. I think more about things I can do to make things better. Actions need to take place, and it if is something I can do, I jump. I place myself in the scene of worry as a mystery solver. A detective ready to solve the problem.

While each day does hold its challenges and hurdles, it also holds many blessings that I want to pay attention to, more than any of the worries that come to mind through the day. May this be a day you notice the joys of good conversation with your colleague, the way the clouds swirl into beautiful shapes, a cup of coffee with a friend, holding the door for a stranger, chatting with the young person at the grocery store loading your bags, and marvel at how each of these little things draws us closer together to one another, and closer to God. By simply recognizing their beauty and how it is our Lord who provides that in this day.

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