25 May 2016

Contemplating Grace

May this day capture your attention,
delight, and marvel you into motivation.
To seek the centre of all creation,
with morning birdsong of acclamation
may God be near on this grace-filled day.

On a bright morning I sit with my breakfast and then coffee, finishing reading Romans chapter 5 and feeling like I grasp more of the notion of grace. No matter how deep we can become entrenched in sin, there is always more grace to cover it. God doesn't run out of grace for us, for He is the one who introduced it to the world. Before Jesus died and rose, there was no such concept.

Therefore, since Christ, we are no longer ruled by law, but it is all under grace. As I read through Romans, I get this feeling of being so fortunate to live after Christ rose because we know about prophesy fulfilled. We know what God's love looks like through Christ. We know what is to come thanks to the vision in Revelation. And we have this grace which covers our sins, which would otherwise stain us until some sort of offering was made. We cannot make ourselves clean, but because of Christ and His sacrifice, we are washed clean by this gift of grace, and I am so deeply thankful.

My heart sings songs of this love to God. Like the birdsongs that enchant these recent mornings when I wake up and get ready, my hearts sings sweetly, and constantly. I know God's love covers the whole earth, and even into deep heaven, of space and time. There is no place that God cannot be, and that makes me feel tiny, yes, but it also brings great comfort because that means God oversees all, and nothing is too big for Him. He can choose to step in anywhere in human history, and He chose the time when Jesus came down. That wasn't chance, so what makes you ever disbelieve His plans and timing for your own life?

God's timing is perfect. Since God is outside time, He can see the whole of human history at once, and select when things will happen. Our timing isn't based on the whole picture, but on our present desire, emotion, and circumstance. Trust in the One who can see all beginnings, and all ends.

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