23 May 2016

Reaching Further Back

I get wisdom day and night
Turning darkness into light

Are we spending our days comparing our faith and being a follower of Christ based on what we see in social media? With all the avenues of comparison that we can use, this is a potential replacement of what we could be measuring our lives by. It might make us feel inadequate because others look so put together in their crafty ways and perfect bbq picnics, always (seemingly) doing the right things along the way.  Or we can choose to be deeply rooted in the past followers of Christ who pursued their faith in the most dangerous and tumultuous times in history.

What is our measuring rod for keeping our faith? What do we compare our own lives to?
Are we holding ourselves to the highest standards, or becoming lukewarm in our comfortable spots?

This is an issue that really hits home with this generation and all future generations as we become so enamoured with people's lives that we lose sight of the truth we should always pursue with unflinching and unyielding focus. The character we pursue should have deep roots in history, through those who have come before us. There is much wisdom to be gained.

We should be reaching further back into history for inspiration of how to live our lives more than from the Pinterest boards. We should not apologize when we choose to do the right thing according to Scriptures, or to not take part in something that draws us away from that focus. A Christ-centered life is always going to be presented with worldly temptations that are much easier to select, and God (and the world) is watching how we act.

What if we showed grace and love when someone didn't deserve it? What is we confronted idleness with meaningful action? What if we chose, deep down, to always express joy and not jealousy? To promote good instead of gossip?

These musings and questions have been floating around in my mind for a few weeks as I try to look at the world as a place to give away more love, not restrain it and try to keep it within me. To let it drip from all the words I use each day and all the deeds I do.

These musings in action would help shape the world around us, with each person we came into contact with. It starts with each of us, which (of course) is the hardest part. To crack the ice we have formed around ourselves, of comparison, jealousy, fear, dependence on people is to acknowledge our mess and change ourselves. 

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