20 December 2016

A Great Light

The people who walked in darkness
have seen a great light;
those who lived in the land of deep darkness -
on them light has shined.

 - Isaiah 9.2

Another paradox of Christmas is held in these prophetic lines from Isaiah. The B.C. perspective reaches us today, with words that remind us that while they waited before Christ, we are also in a holding pattern, waiting for Christ.

The great light Isaiah writes about comes in the humblest and least expected of ways. Our Lord comes to earth as an infant (which literally means 'one without speech'), who has to learn everything as we all have in our own lives. He doesn't suddenly know it all. He depends on Mary. He learns from Joseph. He has to learn to walk, talk, and He experiences all the ups and downs of growing up. 

How amazing to think about our Lord growing up into a young child, and being God all the while.

Imagine. Just for a moment in time the worlds collide into an earth that God touched with His human feet. The dust in His sandals was the dust He created. The men who mocked Him were the beings He created and loved.

Our hearts and minds should be held in awe and wonder of this as if it were just being revealed to us. We live in such a time in history that nothing seems to surprise us anymore. Yet, this event we celebrate each year, this great light, was a surprise in so many ways. He was expected to come and conquer. To rule at last and come as king.

In the smallest shape, He came. With a purpose unknown to all, He came. 
The road to the cross was ahead. He knew that, and He came.

Let us marvel at this in deep wonder, as we continue to wait.

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