27 December 2016

On Venturing Out

The softest whisper of a chill glides through 
bare limbs of branches bereft.
The winds feel autumnal, with dancing leaves 
cascading across the roads and yards.
Their leaves fallen, gracefully, all clutter to 
the ground. Roots beckon to them for
warmth provided by their congregating.
Can we do the same, by our presence still,
granting autumnal support the way
leaves provide that which is needed ahead?

It feels a bit autumnal here; winds are blowing as if eager with an announcement of a coming change. I hear leaves rustling down the alley as they scatter about. My mind turns to the beckoning winter that has not yet come, but teases for a while. I stay cocooned in this warm southern corner and dream about real seasons in distant places. I will seek a cosy spot here at home and pretend it is icy and snowy. A warm hearth keeps my home cosy, and I make a cup of tea. 

The post-Christmas cosy feelings emanate and I indulge with a big mug of coffee, books, and maybe a chore or two. It is the middle of the afternoon, and something causes me to have an idea that venturing out to a store is a good idea, and I am proven wrong. I become one of those people who goes to Target the day after Christmas. But my errand is a noble one, at least, a needed one. Taking stock of some items at home, I realized I was almost out of dish soap and a few other cleaning items. Hence, why I thought a quick saunter out to the store would be okay. Walking around the store actually wasn't that bad. I got what I needed, and even snagged a roll of wrapping paper for half price and a little box of Ferrero Rocher on sale, too.

Then I reached the cashiers. It was like being at Disney: queues so long with no way around it. Carts were filled with sale items, grumpy children sat in said cats, and parents chiding their youngsters for being grumpy. There was no choice. You had to go through those gates to be released back out in the world. So, I waited. And I came home and remained in my cosy place for the remainder of the day, because why would you want to venture out there?

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