23 December 2016

Dayspring is Near

Though winter night will soon surround us here,
Another Advent comes, Dayspring is near.

- Malcolm Guite

The day approaches. Closer and closer we are to Christmas Day. All the preparations will soon come to a halt when we reach Christmas. No more preparing, as He arrives. 

Dayspring is one of the names given to Christ without naming Him yet. A way to call out to Christ to come, while resisting to name Him until Christmas arrives. Set in the ancient Antiphons (poems from the first century Christians), there are seven poems that call out to welcome Christ with these names - Wisdom, Root, Key, Light (Dayspring), King, Emmanuel, Lord.

Collecting thoughts and musings these last several weeks, I have been reading Advent poems each day, reading devotionals, and listening to lectures. My heart does long for the quiet reflection that we should enter into this season. The rush of the days has made that a challenge. I am drawn closer by way of these poems, lectures, and readings. I pause enough each day to allow these words to flood into me, restoring the hope of Advent and the reminder of Christ's plan and purpose.

The cyclical nature of our calendar and seasons helps us prepare and appreciate each change. We know what is coming, and we need reminders each year. In general, we all crave stability and a routine sameness to our days, but the shift in season and atmosphere forces us to pause in wonder, or at least recognition, of the essence of the changes. If we look closely, we will see that there is purpose to each season. God has a plan for all those fallen leaves. They provide a blanket of warmth through a cold winter to the roots that rest underground through the cold spell. 

As seeds lie (seemingly) dormant underground, we see evidence contrary-wise as spring approaches. Noting to myself in my memory banks that it is underground in the dark that the seed grows. Then it can give fruit. It is our time now to grow in this season covered in dark.

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