02 December 2016

On Being an Aunt

It's a pretty special job I have, being an aunt to my sweet niece and baby nephew. I get to watch these little ones grow and learn, and I have the privilege of stretching their imaginations, teaching them, listening to their stories (even if it is baby babble for one right now), reading to them, and giving them things to wonder and think about. Hopefully these things help me become an aunt they want to hang out with as they grow up. When I get to spend some time with them (like over Thanksgiving break), it's a delight.

My favourite parts of being an aunt center around imagination and wonder. Seeing them respond to something for the first time is a joy. I watch the introspective reflection in tiny ways that compound upon what they have learned so far.  Hearing my niece talk about her favourite topic in great detail (dinosaurs right now) reminds me what an open book her mind is. She is soaking in all the information because it truly is for the first time, and she is fascinated.

That is why it is so important to nourish little ones with good stories, truth, and love. To let their minds wander into creative, imaginary stories of their own. They figure things out that way. I find that little ones always want to learn. There is something deep inside them that craves it. I remember feeling that way when I was little (wait, I am still that way). Books, music, drawing, playing outside, paying attention to the world around them are all good things to grow the fruits of their lives as they develop. All while sharing with them that they are surrounded by the love of God at all times. 

I am no expert at being an aunt, but like these little ones, I love to learn.

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