16 December 2016

Advent Reading - Waiting on the Word

O huge and most unspeakable impression
Of Love's deep wound, that pierst the piteous hart

Of that deare Lord with so entyre affection,
And, sharply launcing every inner part,

- Edmund Spenser

I interrupt your daily routine with a lovely book recommendation for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany. I like to read thought-provoking and beautiful writings that bring me through a season that has so much to say to all of us. Waiting on the Word is a book I will read through each year at this time, to prepare my heart and mind for this season and feel nourished by the good words.

Through the poems each day (there is a good mixture of both old and new) and the following couple pages of notes on each one, I have been able to spend 10 minutes each morning reading the day's selected poem, and then I read the reflection that Malcolm writes, and reflect on it myself. Accompanied by a cup of coffee, I pick up this book and read a poem that muses upon the darkness of Advent and the coming of the Word incarnate.

Of course, Malcolm's thoughts on the poems are so intricate and insightful, opening up the whole realm of the poem that helps me understand so much more about what is being said. A lot of people tend to steer clear of poetry because they do not understand it, but here, Malcolm offers a mini-analysis, which is most welcome.

As we wait on the Word, let us dwell in thoughtful musings to shape us and bring us closer to God. Let us slow down to gain insight from practices of thoughtfulness. May we keep our hearts focused on the meaning of Advent and the glorious reason that on Christmas day everything changed. and the story has so much more yet to come.

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