02 January 2017

A Fresh Year

The sunrise was beautiful this morning. A new year upon us arriving with the age-old sun. Red ribbons glowing at the horizon, slowly dimming their shade into a yellow light casting higher and higher into the sky. 

Be present.

It is chilly, to my delight. My socked feet hit the wood floor that remains perpetually cold. Though here, the chilly floor will be welcomed as the day warms up significantly. 

Light rising from the horizon builds in layers of colour, always shifting as the earth spins. An ambient glow brightens from a soft lamp version of the sun to a large overhead light for all the land.  

We rise into a new day, a new year, with layers of complexity as well, always shifting depending on what our mind dwells on. In some cases our layers thicken if we hold onto things, but if we can let go of the things that add complexity to us, then we shed those layers. They peel away and we are not so complex. Difficulties we encounter seem to glide off and become trails in the dust we leave. We can become so in-tuned to letting God take all such troublesome thoughts. 

This can be applicable with material items as well as emotional items. It calls for a de-cluttering in all areas. The motivation comes in a new year to look a little deeper.

Henceforth, our true light glows from us and we do not have to worry about being ourselves because that is all there is, in its true form.We stop looking to others to try to be like them.We see who God made us to be.

Be focused.

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