12 January 2017


I am not very good at keeping it, fully.
There are always chores to do, laundry, or an errand.
There is always temptation to get something done because it's a day off.

But I shouldn't be doing that. When we add work-type things into every single day, it's not as God planned for us. God gave us Sabbath because He knows we need it. He knows that we tend to over-work and over-do it most of the week, but our minds and bodies cannot maintain that and remain wholly well. We need a day of recharging every week. A day to keep holy by simply being restful and abiding in His goodness. Not just once per year on a vacation, but once per week.

This is a challenging commandment to keep. Do you remember that it is one of the Ten Commandments? It is, and it's the longest commandment with the most detail, probably because we need such instruction. It means I need to be more mindful of running errands and doing chores on other days, and not leave them to my Sabbath day. It means I should also be thankful if I eat out or shop (the fun kind) on Sabbath, because that means those workers are not able to rest. Though, their Sabbath may be on another day. Sometimes others need to work so that we may rest.

I find that when I am resting only in between chores on my Sabbath, I am more distracted. I am timing my laundry or trying to fit in the chores and losing sight of all the thoughts that are streaming in my head.

I'll focus on being thankful for the pot of Yorkshire tea. I could drink a few pots on a cold day, but I won't pull a C.S. Lewis (he was known to drink pots of tea at a time). Tea does make everything better, though, I've always felt that way. And now I fully understand why.

In addition to warming me up, it forces me to stop, sit, and be at the table with my books. A pot stays hot and I pour cup after cup. I am focused, quiet, and reflective. I must stay there. It is simply being there that is important.

Tea aids me in keeping the Sabbath.

These are things I am looking to work on this year. Purposeful and meaningful moments that draw me to keep Sabbath a holy day that I abide in.

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