16 January 2017

Appreciating Travel

Wherever we go, Christ goes before us.

When we travel, we become more aware of the world around us. We leave our comfort zone of the familiar and enter into a place of transition, along with everyone else who is travelling, too.

For most people, travelling is a stressful experience with heavy luggage, rushing along, trying to make it on times, queues to wait in, etc...While these things can occur, and sometimes these things happen out of our own control, when I travel, I try to focus on the enjoyment of observation and inspiration.

Where else can you go to observe people from around the world, coming and going? Especially in the larger airports that attract worldly travelers.

Where else can you simply sit and watch planes take off and land?

Where else can you step into a plane, and emerge several hours later on another continent?

Travel is a fascinating thing. We live in an age where we can literally fly around the world in mere hours. Our world wasn't this open in our grandparents' generation. While flying can be cramped, tiring, and have bad food, it is possible to enjoy the experience with the right mindset and allowing yourself ample time so you do not become rushed.

Is there anything that you do when you travel, to ensure it is not stressful?

-  I make sure I have plenty of time so I do not feel rushed to get to the gate.
-  I make sure I have a water bottle to fill out when I get through security. If I get dehydrated, I feel terrible, and planes are so dry that I need to be sure to have some extra water.
-  I always have a book or two with me to pass the time. Usually fiction is the best selection for me, as it will engross me in a story.
-  I have a journal and pen with me to jot down notes, observations, lists, sketches. 

Something I notice when I travel is that I am more prayerful. Perhaps in a realization that I am out of my comfort zone, I become a bit more meditative. I pray for safety and a good flight. I pray for my own mind if I am feeling stressed. I pray for the people around me. I pray for the event or reason I am travelling. 

For me, the most comfort comes when I simply remember that Christ is with me no matter where I am located or how many miles above ground I am flying, and He goes before me. 

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