23 January 2017

Birthday Mischief

I think birthdays are always a special thing to celebrate. When I was little, I always had such fun celebrations with a cake, gifts, dinner of my choosing, decorations, sometimes a little party. I always felt special because it felt like my day. I felt like I was appreciated for who I was. 

So, that's why I love to incorporate celebrations for those close to me. And when I get to celebrate my own birthday, I am so deeply thankful.

I had to work on my birthday, but it wasn't took bad, especially with a delicious, long lunch with the office at a Cuban place close by. Other than President Trump stealing my thunder a little bit with the inauguration, it was a good day, made even better with pizza for dinner and Gilmore Girls.

Then, the next dayI got to go to Tampa with my friend to a favourite spot, Oxford Exchange, for lunch and browsing. The beauty of OE always leaves me with that giddy feeling of being in a special place. The quality of everything there is of the highest level. I drink a lavender fog from the tea bar, with my own tea pot and mug. We eat the most delicious sandwiches and sweet potato fries. I leave with a book (of course) and then we head downtown to a book shop that I had never been to before (I don't know how that's possible), the Old Tampa Book Company. It was a delightful used bookstore, and I found two more books. 

Bookshops invoke the wonder and mystery of words. I step inside and find myself surrounded by shelves of books. Stacks are everywhere and am filled with excitement at the possibility of finding a treasure. This is an ideal birthday activity for me. A little bit of mischief in the way of book browsing and letting my mind wander in the book shops.

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