20 January 2017

Waking Up With The Morning

My thoughts are busy with the informing truth,
And as I build, I feed, and grow in youth - 
Hoping to stand fresh, clean, and strong, and gay,
When up the east comes dawning His great day.

- George MacDonald

The birds chirp happily as the sunshine fills this spring-like morning. It is quite lovely today - cool and clean feeling. Early spring with deep blue sky emerging with warmth flowing in through the hours.

Rejoicing fills my heart on this day as my coffee brews. The setting is quiet and softly lit. The sun has risen, albeit slowly, and the airy light is mingled with some low clouds that dim the fullness of the sun thus far. I love these mornings that do not come at you with full force, but that grow slowly as you wake up. Let us walk side-by-side together, nature, appreciating one another.

I sip my coffee and pick up my Bible to read about King Solomon. May I learn from his example of asking God for wisdom and discernment in doing what is right. Lord, grant me with such wisdom and insight to make the good, right choices every day.

This morning, I wake up a year older, but really it's just another day older like everyone. Except there is a special notion attached to this day. I rejoice in a birthday with thankfulness. A few nights ago, I read from a Bible storybook to my 3.5 year old niece (for what seemed like hours) and I realized as I grew rather sleepy, that my hope is to always hold onto the childlike sense of wonder of stories and characters, which translates to life and people.

I find myself ever thankful for the slow-living, everyday things of beauty like a beeswax candle, a lovely teapot, a sunrise, a favourite mug, and a stack of books. No matter how everyday they may seem, there is something special about them.

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