23 March 2017

Give Me Understanding

Give me understanding,
that I may keep your law
and observe it with my
whole heart.
Lead me in the path
of your commandments,
for I delight in it.
Turn my heart to your
decrees, and not
to selfish gain.
Turn my eyes from looking
at vanities;
give me life in your ways.

- Psalm 119.34

What is it to be human?
It is to be mortal and accept that we are made to be finite.

We cannot understand the glorious resurrection of Christ (the good catastrophe, or eucatastrophe as J.R.R. Tolkien calls it) until we understand what it is to be human. The mortal nature we are meant to have mixes with wisdom that goes beyond us.

Let us be open to wisdom God bestows in us, knowing that we are bound in humanity.
Let us be comforted that Jesus experienced all that we experience, being fully immersed in humanity as well.

Let us embrace and grow into the paradoxes of our world.
We need to let go in order to receive.
We need to be set low so we can be raised.

May we see that God is disguised in everything. We don't ever have to fear being alone or to walk toward the gravest danger. We are never alone. Our shepherd goes before us, and He will go with us through every darkness.
Can we become rooted and grounded in this love?

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