13 March 2017

Travel Daydreams and Planning

Do what you can, not what you cannot.

The weekend has the same amount of hours per day that all the other days of the week contain, but somehow they seem to fade away so quickly, and before you know it, the weekend comes to an end on Sunday evening and the whole to-do list is still bold with items not crossed of yet.

Instead of beating myself up about it, I think about how I cannot do it all, and everyone needs a little bit of time for rest and relaxing that isn't hindered by to-do items.

It is on the weekends that I allow myself to linger with a pot of tea and a good book. It is when I rest a little bit more. I take my time while cooking, and don't feel the urgency that tends to be present during the week. But that means time is wandering by, and seems to slip through the cracks of resting.

These days, I am planning and thinking about being in England. As my trip is less than a few weeks away, there are things to do and some items to research. I am intentionally trying not to plan too much ahead, because it is a travel venture that I don't want to be all running. I am not trying to see it all. I am just trying to see with intention.

So I plan a few things. I have some ideas. I look at bus and train routes. And I imagine the lovely moments will come each day.

I lose track of time because I am enjoying the quiet and the restful hours that recharge me for the week ahead. Taking time is an indulgence. Spend time thoughtfully, and do what you can.

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