08 March 2017

Moon-like Musings

Moon-like is all other love:
First crescent, then decreasing,

Flower that buds, and soon
goes off;
A day that fleets away in rain.

- Anonymous 14th century

We are so changeable, aren't we? Like the shifting phases of the moon. From day to day we roll along with the wind of emotion that sometimes takes us up and down, and then affects our views of ourselves and others. We feel wilted, like flowers past their bloom because we are not _______ enough (you fill in the blank). But we wake up the same person, loved by God, and that person has potential and talents to bring forth every day. No matter where we may be in our journey.

We wake up to the excesses of love. God's love is not moon-like. Never do we lack and yet always can we choose not to see that love surrounds us every morn. Do we notice it at every angle? Do we hear it as we slide out of bed?

The birds chirp quite cheerfully this morning, beginning their songs with the first tinges of red-tint glow emerging on the horizon. The light presses some pancake clouds upwards and outwards on this new, fresh day. 

The owl replies with his usual hoot of appreciation. I do not think he ever hoots with discontent. He is always happy to be an owl. Something tells me that the owl does not envy the cardinal as she flits from branch to branch, singing a tune, and finding a new perch every few minutes.

No, the owl is quite content to stay camouflaged up high on his quiet branch, observing and reflecting on the scene before him. He tends to hide and blend in as the morning awakens. He knows he was made for this, and isn't meant to be like a cardinal. For, if he were more like the cardinal, he would not be an owl as he was made to be.

I am inclined to take notes from the birds that make my neighborhood their home. 

We should not compare ourselves to others and wish to be just like another. That is when we become discontented and then gone is our bloom. For then we would not be ourselves as God made us to be. The differences we all have make up the melody of God's creation, and God uses every piece of ourselves that we can give. Leave it to Him to fit it perfectly into place. There is much more bloom left to bring beauty to the world. 

Never do we lack in what we need for the day. Be encouraged. Take heart. Your talents are needed today.

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