14 March 2017

Pi in the Sky

Do you like math? Today is the day for you.
Pi day: 3.14. 
Math isn't really my thing, so I thought I would incorporate this day imaginatively, because I always seek ways to think. 

I took this photo several months ago, when I looked up on a windswept day during golden hour, and saw the symbol Pi in the sky, quite literally. It stopped me in my tracks, because when do you actually see pi in the sky?

Do you ever look to the sky and see shapes and symbols?
Do you let your imagination run with ideas?

This all got me thinking imaginatively (don't worry, not irrationally), which kind of goes against the grain of mathematics with such equations and rational vs irrational numbers. Pi goes on and on and has no end, beginning with 3.14159.....which has always made me think of where those numbers end up. There must be somewhere they all collect, right? Perhaps there is a deep well of pi digits gathered around a circumference somewhere.

Back to the clouds. From my perspective, I saw the symbol of pi in the sky, which probably only lasted a few minutes as the winds above rearranged the clouds very soon after. If someone was standing a quarter mile in another direction the symbol may not be visible, but it doesn't mean that it's not there.

My viewing it did not create the image of pi in the sky, but it was there all along. Or was it?

My perceiving it was merely a culmination of actually paying attention to the sky above me and also using my imagination to see shapes and images that point to something else. I was participating in the image being seen, and anyone standing with me would be able to do the same, as we observe a collective representation. As I thought of this, my thoughts immediately jumped to the writings of Owen Barfield, from his book Saving the Appearances. Here is a video drawing and reading of the beginning of the book, which will far surpass my ability to explain what was making a circumference around my mind. I guess this is what happens when one sees pi in the sky.

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