29 March 2017

Tiny Faith

University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, High Street

A word  with power is a word that comes out of silence.
- Henri Nouwen

I am currently in Oxford, England enjoying my favourite city in the world. While I am here, I like to reflect on the contrast between the world that is eager to pull us away from faith, and the tradition of history and liturgy that seeks to draw us back to our deep roots of faith. Oxford is the perfect place in which to study such a contrast. It is part of why I love this city. There is always so much to learn from it.

If we had faith the size of a tiny seed, we would be able to truly move the trees themselves. The power of faith is often missed. Do I have the tiny seed of faith? Or am I grasping at air?

I am being reminded of the kind of faith (the truly unrelenting faith) that holds so much power. Not the kind that diminishes people, but the kind that encourages others and does amazing things. It is so immense, and yet all we need is a tiny bit. Jesus points out to the lowliest people that their faith heals or restores them.They probably didn't even know how big their faith was, because it was the size of a seed.

The world seeks to take our faith so that it rests in and with the world. So, there is an underlying longing for that which the world can give, but something deeper longs for that which only God can give. Strip away the facade that the world puts on, and your true faith will lie within, deeply rooted (or find out that it is not rooted). This is the point of flourishing. 

When it becomes so deeply rooted in us that God and His promises are true, we can be held by God, and the possibilities are truly endless. We can look forward to a challenge without doubt or fear.

Not even creation holds an end to what God can do.

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