18 March 2016

Plans of an Anglophile

Oxford, England - the lovely city of dreaming spires.

I cannot wait for my feet to step onto these streets again.
It's only been a year, but somehow my heart yearns to be here as if it has been multiple years.

How can your heart feel at home in two places?

In one week, I will be walking these street again, with a bit of glee in my heart (okay, more than a bit). My favourite place once again in my sight all day long, everyday, for many days. These glimpses from last year get me ready again to be there.

I will bundle up as if it were winter, having a few scarves at the ready, and a jacket whenever I head outside. Ready for good walks, I will be. Ready for good coffee shops, and a pot of tea with breakfast. I will eagerly stroll in the many bookshops that I love, and come out with some old books in my arms. I will eat at my favourite cafes, pubs, restaurants, and tearooms. I will walk around colleges and visit chapels and grand dining halls. I will sleep in a college like a student, eat breakfast in one of Oxford's biggest dining halls each morning, but not rushing off to lectures like a student. I will linger over tea and enjoy English breakfast before the day's adventures.

In addition to all the familiarity, I will hop on a train and venture out to another city I've never been to. Then, a drive out into the country to explore. Some lovely companions will be with me, my mum, and some friends for a few of the days. What a blessing it is to have some leisure time to explore and get to know England even more than I already do. I am so deeply thankful to be able to do so. My heart sings with joy.

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