16 March 2016

Folds of Beauty and Memory

Blessed be God alone,
Thrice blessed Three in One.

I am blessed by Thee, and all the gifts of life come from the Father above. Outside of time, He sees all at once and once for all.

Nothing escapes His glance. For His glance spans the space and time that none of us can fully imagine. We dwell here, slowly, stuck in the confines of time - with the clock ticking which cannot stop.

But it is a gift.

Because we can experience the joy of tiny moments that seem to stand still as we watch a kind gesture, a flower bloomed, a child taking your hand, a sunset, a walk in nature. These moments actually capture us so intensely, they can transcend time for a moment, at least in our experience. These moments can be enjoyed in time, and pressed into the folds of beauty and memory, all because of time. They have a placement in our memory, our history, and our story.

Oh, Lord, we are so truly blessed. Sometimes we do not see time as a blessing, but You created it, so it is good. All that You create is good.

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