23 March 2016

Holy Week Musings

Holy week.
Busy week.

Both can be descriptions of the same week. While one requires us to move constantly, without rest, with endless tasks to attend to, the other is sacred and requires us to slow down to reflect and allow ourselves to take on the meaning of each day.

Jesus is now in Jerusalem, having arrived on Palm Sunday with a grand welcomed entrance. But trials await; the end of the week is coming. Jesus has cleansed the temple of the money-hungry. Everything changes in a few days. That warm welcome that once was, is turned upside down.

Fear can make us do strange things, don't you think? It can make us go with crowd mentality even if our heartstrings tug us another way. When we know something is wrong and yet do it anyway, we fall into this trap of fear. It holds onto us when we strive to do what is right. As we strive to please others, we work to do our best, but fear can hold us back. We dream of times to rest.

Think this week. Quiet your heart and mind. 

Think about the emotional state of our Lord during this week preceding the cross. Think of how He wore all our sins around His shoulders, knowing what was just up ahead. Embrace the mysteries of Jesus' life and death.

Think about the state of this love. We are not strangers.

His love dips down to us, that we can only try to mimic, and always fall short, but glory to God! We do not have to be perfect. Christ took the fall for us, so we can be perfected in New Creation.

May this week be reflective, amidst all the busy hours we are dwelling in.

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