21 March 2016

Extra Graces

May you treasure 
wisely this jeweled,
gilded time
and cherish each
day as an extra grace.
 - Andrew Greeley

If I spend my days collecting extra graces, storing them in my heart next to all the memories to cherish, my days will be filled with a more joy-filled outlook. Simply because of what my mind is focusing on, my outlook is shifted. The little things that have meaning and add joy have been what I am aiming at collecting. For a few years I have been working on this project of the heart. I am getting better at it, but always have room to improve.

Our days are always going to present challenges and struggles. That is a fact of life here on earth and it becomes dangerous if we hang onto each struggle for along time, as it begins to corrupt our joy. I have learned that we can lose things we cherish quicker than we can gain them. I want to hold in my heart the joy of the Lord and His promises, which is something I can always count on. I do not ever have to let go of that.

The joy of the Lord is our strength. It is also our reminder that each day is a gift, full of graces that we do not deserve. I want to dwell in moments, graces, joys, and have a heart full of the knowledge that it is all there because of God's love.

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