14 March 2016



I am no gardener. I know very little about plants, flowers, herbs, and growing things in general. I just pretend I know a little something about a few things. And I just keep trying. As I try, I actually do learn a bit about certain types of plants - like how much water they might need, or how much sun.

There is just something about getting a little plant, tending to it (sometimes forgetting to, but then remembering most of the time), and seeing it grow and flourish. There is something about getting a new plant and seeing its sunny disposition for a season. 

A spring garden event took place downtown on Saturday morning, and I could not resist buying something from local farms that grow some lovely things. After a quick walk around the whole event, I knew exactly what I wanted to get - two small pots of herbs (rosemary and thyme) and a new plant for my outside landing - marigold.

I spotted the marigold from a stall away, and knew I wanted it to be by my door, cheering up the entrance to my home. It is the perfect shade of orange - sunny, sweet, and earthy. A coppery glow radiates from their round blooms. They like full sun, to match their shape and colour, and that is a perfect fit for my very exposed and sunny landing on the second floor.  

Welcome, marigolds. 

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