01 March 2016

Wonder to the Stars

Lord, You are goodness.
You are love.

With You, all things have possibility and potential, and creativity has an endless ladder with new rungs always reaching higher. There is no reaching a plateau with the imagination.
The clouds are not the limit.
The sky is not the limit.

The stars are not even the limit.

You gave us a sky full of stars so we could wonder, imagine, and dream outside of our own two feet that surrounds each of us. To dwell in the box we sit in comfortably is to miss the potential of a million other ideas, places, wisdom, and sights. We are not meant to only seek through ourselves. Our natural inclinations are to reach out. But why do we resist that at times?

Because You are goodness and love, oh Lord, You also gave us minds to wonder, seek out ideas, communicate with others, and have a love of movement. We can collaborate and bring newly created things out of that which has been used. Our sub-creations hold pieces of the original Creator, and all glory goes to You, Lord.

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