07 March 2016

Weekend Wisdom

God made humanity for good, but we humans go out and scheme our way into trouble.
 - Ecclesiastes 7.29

I wake up with the sun, which hasn't happened in many weeks (I am usually waking when it's still quite dark) and I allow myself to just lay under the covers while the chilly air around me refreshes me. I normally get up pretty quickly and make my bed right away. This time I lingered, just because. The tiny bird on the tree outside made little chirps. An owl hoots in another tree, further away.

I decided to let myself have a quiet, slow morning with no timetable. Isn't it remarkable that we have to allow ourselves time to be quiet, still, and have no agenda? Are we really that important and busy that we cannot grant ourselves the time automatically? I mean, God did create the day of rest, which happens one day every week. Why don't we partake?

Well, today I decided I was going to partake in a day of rest. No rushing. No deadlines. A restful spirit and slower morning where I can reflect and be still.

I enjoy paying attention to moments. I think God places such gifts under our noses and we have a  hard time seeing the beauty of decoration, architecture, expression, flowers, or sky. I love to notice the way the weather feels against my skin, the sun's rays casting a glow through curtains, the patterns of a leaf, the sounds of an owl nearby, or the scent of dinner cooking.

Am I calm and serene in these moments? Contemplative? Yes, indeed. Thoughts and imagination can stir and wander. Take care not to let that road turn negative, or you are in danger of losing focus and attention on what is good.

Let this day hold onto truth and goodness. We can always choose to dwell in the light of goodness that God places in our lives.

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a voice.
 - Maya Angelou

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