27 February 2014

A Cozy Office

While I was out and about on the weekend meeting up with my friend and relaxing at home, my boss and his wife were in my office, re-decorating. Little elves working during the night. Okay, not really. But we recently moved into a new office building, and I bought some new decorations to make my office cozy, but hadn't had the chance to thoughtfully place things (we have been more than a little bit busy).

And that's where the dynamic duo, Colin and Cayla, set to work, using my decorations to rearrange and display everything in such a beautiful way. I stepped into my office on Monday with the best surprise of the coziest office space fresh and new. I mean, don't you want to work in here?

The time and the effort they took, using my items to decorate is so special. I am very thankful for such a caring boss and his wife who enjoy doing kind things for me like this. Every day is a good day!

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