11 February 2014

Do Good

But exhort one another
everyday, as long as it is
called "today",
that none of you may be
hardened by the
deceitfulness of sin.
For we share in Christ,
if indeed we hold
our original confidence
firm to the end.

- Hebrews 3.13-14

I want my story to be meaningful. I want every word I speak or write to be full of truth and sprinkled with kindness. I don't ever want to grow weary of doing good. For all good things, all gifts, come from the Father and in Him there is no darkness, no shadow, no weariness. No veering off the narrow course. It is a long road ahead of us if we do not encourage one another in Christ.

Light triumphs over dark. Always, love does what we could not even imagine. Truth shines forth and exposes the corrupt. There is no reason for me not to do good.

Doing good expands beyond the reach of our own hands to branch out far and wide in ways we may never see. Even the smallest thing. Something said. A gesture. A reaction. It is all about the choice to do good, or not. The people that I have utmost respect for are full of choices everyday. Choices that could easily cause one to deviate from loving others. And yet I watch them choose to do good, rather than act solely for the betterment of themselves. I am inspired when I see that.

I never want to grow weary of doing good.

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