18 February 2014

Journal Musings

....I have allowed my words to get carried away and my hand is getting tired. Ever does my hand rush hurriedly across the pages with words pouring out of my heart like a dam opening. And ever does my journal catch these words that flow forth.

But as eager as my hand is, some words and thoughts escape through the cracks in the wall and some linger awhile as I dwell in them.

Hastening myself with writing I sometimes do not realize what is truly in my mind until it flows outward by way of my pen onto a blank page. I know myself better by the end of each page, and as the ink fills up the next page my mind opens wider to the realm of journaling and all the creative possibilities that summoned my soul. It is like entering a good story that, as a reader, engrosses you so deeply that you do not realize how much time has been dedicated to the story and being drawn into it.

That is what happens to me when I get going in my journal. A particular destination is not always clear, but the act of starting and letting thoughts oscillate a little bit until they pour out as words, sometimes revealing something I had not seen before.

To have eyes open, one must first open the imagination and cast aside the limitations we set on ourselves. Scripture tells many stories of the impossible becoming possible through God. All these wonderful things we do and create and build are not a result of our own greatness. It is because God gave us the knowledge, wisdom, and creative mind to dare to dream and then move toward those dreams. We can benefit others by putting our talents in use. Where would we all be if someone had not dared to dream of making a flying craft?

So, I sit here with my quiet talents and my love of writing and I scribble away on blank pages with words that may never be read by anyone and yet I know this love of the written word wasn't gifted to me as a throw-away item. It is something that is meant to be tended to, to grow, and become more articulate and insightful. Also, for sharing. It doesn't do any good tucked away, and if it brings light to one person's day, my task is fulfilled. I do it because I love it, but bringing it to others brings the joy.

We're not all going to be able to reach a thousand thousand other people with our talents, but we are supposed to be generous with our talents and use them for others. That is what matters. God will take care of the rest.

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