21 February 2014

Prickly Questions

Sometimes I just want some answers to spill over the silence and provide some details of clarification. Do you ever wish you had more answers to questions you have about life that keep showing up in your mind? Those prickly questions that are always there? Each scenario has its own complexities and we just want a simple answer.

Maybe we aren't ready for the answer.

I remind myself that it is okay to live the unanswered questions. Just keep going. Move forward toward a goal, a dream, an opportunity. Don't let the prickly questions stop you from enjoying life right in front of you. I believe if something is meant to happen, God will pave a way for you to follow. And if a door is slammed, there is a reason for that.

But if that happens, move forward and brush the dust off your feet.

Thin shrouds cover the situations and it is almost as if you can see through it to the truth, but it comes to be another layer of questions.

Move onward. Whatever the situation, we all go through dry seasons where it seems like no rain is on the horizon. But there is. That season is temporary.

Someday the answer may spill over the cup and into the saucer, and there you can swirl in the meaning.

I don't think we are always meant to know everything right away. God's not keeping you in the dark, but He is showing you the way and leading you in His light so you emerge from that darkness.

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