12 February 2014

Spring is Coming

Spring was floating, drifting
through the air today;
A loveliness devoured the hours
in the realm.
Stirring a gentle, pleasant air,
the sun was warm.
Agent of changes to join us
slowly, each day,
coming like a soft drip
of a soothing fountain,
easing into the fresh,
and the new. 

The air has been woken up to a warmth of Spring around here. Trees are blooming. Early Spring colours are bursting forth. Pollen is raining down. The signs of Spring are here. You can tell by the colourful little blooms that emerge out of nowhere. It is a pleasant time. Sitting in the garden shade left me chilly. But inch out into the sun and it warms the skin.

I am not sure who I am kidding, though. Our Florida Winters are very much reminiscent of Spring for many northern states. I cannot pretend to know what it is like to endue a long, bitterly cold Winter.  But I am not ready to say goodbye to the nice chilly days we get here in Florida (which would be balmy to most of you). I want to hold onto them as long as possible. So, I will pretend this is just a preview of what is to come in a little while. Until then, I look toward the end of the week for some chillier weather to come back. 

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