14 February 2014

Coffee & Love

Happy Friday! 
And for those who love love, Happy Valentine's Day!
I almost forgot that it was Valentine's Day. Until I was thinking about what today's date is. Does anyone else feel like time is flying by? I mean, how can it be the middle of February already?

It's been a coffee-break-in-the-afternoon kind of week. I'll express my love on this commercialized day of love to the delicious lattes that have filled my afternoons with some extra caffeine to be more productive. Last week I was on an afternoon tea kick. Every afternoon I was brewing a pot of loose leaf tea and drinking almost the whole pot each time. Hey, insanely busy days call for little rewards. That is how I function well. I should have added a reward of a nap in my cozy chair.....but not really. I cannot sleep sitting in chairs. That's my defect and why I cannot sleep in planes or cars.

This is all silliness. I do not love coffee. I am fond of drinking coffee. Love is a word that shouldn't be used as much as we do these days, especially about things that do not retain any attachment to us. We may love a person, but we do not love an object, no matter how tasty (coffee) it might be. And love has much more to do with an action, than a feeling.

But enough semantics. I cannot help it -- language and meaning fascinate me. But it is almost the weekend and I love this weather (I mean, I fancy this weather). It adds a nice chilly layer to my whimsical Friday mood. 

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