06 March 2014

A Few Ways to Acknowledge God Everyday

As the season of Lent begins (yesterday was Ash Wednesday), I look for ways to focus on God. Something I want to do is acknowledge God more in all my little everyday activities. It is too easy to get wrapped up in your own thoughts, tasks, and worries, and lose sight of why we are able to do anything (it's because of God!). That is why it is so important to let that go and acknowledge God into every moment.

1. Start the day with your favourite cup of coffee and a few minutes of reading Scripture, praying, and making a few notes in a journal.

2. As you drive to work, give thanks to God for the sunshine (or the rain), the cereal you ate, the trees you drive by, and the day itself. You will find that the list keeps growing.

3. Set a timer at work for several times a day, to stop and have a quiet few minutes of prayer and reflection.

4. Incorporate prayer requests and prayers together at meetings with co-workers.

5. Write a memory verse (and change it every week or so) in a location that you will see often and be able to repeat in your head (on a white board or post-it note).

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