28 March 2014

Travel Prep

Do you stress out when you have to pack for a trip?
I actually don't mind it. The only thing that takes me time is selecting the outfits to bring, with enough variety that I don't get bored, but also enough complimentary colours so that I can mix and match with only a small selection. I like when the weather of a place limits my shoe possibility so I only bring a couple pair rather than every possible scenario. This time - tall boots, moccasins, sneakers. Nothing fancy and nothing Summery, but shoes that will go with everything I wear. Comfort is a must, so I can walk down the cobblestone walkways and all over the city.

I have learned over the years how to travel fairly light. It is critical when I am in charge of my bags and I have to be able to lift and pull them. It is not worth it to bring so much stuff. I mean, I am a girl, so I bring several pairs of shoes and many different outfits, but one difficulty, for me, lies in deciding what books to bring. That's not usually a problem for most people, except me. A few are given- my Bible and my journal, and this trip actually makes it easier, because I know I will be buying books when I am there. So, I might only bring one book (maybe two). I have to leave room for all those potentials waiting over there in Oxford for me!

What are some essentials you must bring on a trip?

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