14 March 2014

On Oxford - -

Stones graced with age,
history speaking out from each
building, with stories to be told.
Favourite authors lived here,
worked here, ate here, drank here,
and read in the open air,
after taking long walks in the groves.
Idealist as I am I picture flowers
bloomed at their feet,
and chilly air so invigorating.
Poet that I am I hear words
dance about in my head
to describe the inspiring places.
Musing as I do, my feet will wander
without getting lost, in the fields
of Christ Church.

I have booked my trip to Oxford, England and I cannot wait to be there! If you asked me where my favorite place to be is, to relax, but also explore, and wander, and indulge in my favourite things, my answer would be Oxford. I think many other people would be bored with my idea of this vacation. Staying in one city for ten days and it's not even a big city?

For me, it's perfect. I can walk everywhere. I can do as much or as little as I want each day. This city enchants me. It inspires me. The history is so interesting. Favourite authors lived here. Books are treasured here. Quaint pubs are abundant. Little coffee shops are around the corner. Fields of grass and flowers are lined by the beautiful buildings of the colleges. The River Cherwell gently curves with punting boats gliding by.

I have been daydreaming about walking these streets again. I remember the other two times I have been in Oxford, I would walk the streets wondering what it was like in the 1600's, the 1800's, etc....So much has stayed the same. The cobblestones have never been changed. The buildings have seen so much history, crisis, war, peace, quiet times of learning.

A place is not more beautiful than that, to me.

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