12 March 2014

Read More

I am notorious for trying to get people to read more. If you know me well, I've probably tried to get you to read a book. I talk about books, I hint at books, I always have a book in hand or close by. I buy books for people who don't generally read, in hopes that one day they will glance at their shelf and, in curiosity, pull it down and start to read. And hopefully realize how enjoyable it is!

It gives me such joy to see people reading good books and share their thoughts with each other. An engaged imagination brings a wealth of new landscapes. I love when people are curious about a book and want to know more. Part of the joy of reading is talking about what you think and what gripped you. Start a conversation with me about books and it might be a very lengthy talk.

We can always read more. Similarly we can always learn more. They kind of go hand-in-hand. Even me who loves to spend hours lost in a good book. I can read more. I can definitely read more of the Bible. I read at least a chapter a day, but I can do more. There is always room to grow.

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