04 March 2014


One moment, I am not paying attention because life is so fast-paced and the next moment it's Spring! It hit me the other day that our prettiest flowers are in bloom and I have barely noticed. My path through these busy days has been so narrowly viewed that I literally haven't stopped to smell the roses. Except I don't see any roses, but the pinks and yellows of these full blooms, falling and carpeting the grass all around. This photo was taken at my church. In the spirit of feeling like a little kid who wants to go out and play in the pleasant weather, I wrote a silly little poem that could have been written by a younger me.

You fill the air with pollen
and our eyes get watery
But when we clear our eyes
it's such a sight to see
Blooms bursting busily
on trees along the street
And the little girl inside me
want to dance and meet
The lovely colours vibrant
brighter than the norm
And they only stick around
until the next rainstorm

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