24 March 2014

Down By the River

Just a few tiny glimpses of the stunningly beautiful wedding of my friends Liz and Sean this weekend. The wedding was at Hillsborough River State Park, with the most peaceful backdrop for the wedding ceremony, the river itself. It was held in the morning, when it was quiet, calm, and cool under the shade by the river.

I loved that the wedding was in the morning. The fresh start to a day marks the start of a new marriage. It was a beautiful ceremony with thoughtful, prayerful moments, and even some unexpected excitement as a small group of kayakers glided by during the ceremony. Liz waved to them, and we all laughed. You just have to go with the flow with these things.

Nothing felt rushed. It was more relaxed, which was aided by the gorgeous antique furniture that was placed under the trees like a living room. Becky and I sat there on the sofa for a while, lounging and talking with others. Donuts and fruit were offered to us there as well, in between the ceremony and the reception.

Everything about the wedding was simple- it was at a state park, not a fancy venue, and yet the details that they added were so elegant and classy. And on top of that, all the decorations and even table decor was all made by Liz. She painted the backdrop behind the sweetheart table, she painted the table runners, napkins, and the wooden place mats. Such beauty and personal touch was in all the details, and I love that. I loved the mismatched china plates and glasses, the wooden utensils, the tiny succulent plants, but especially all the creative touches by Liz herself. Also, I loved that they served us breakfast! Chicken and waffles, egg casserole, tomato, bacon, biscuits and gravy, fruit. It was delicious.

I was honoured to be there to be share to their marriage day. To enjoy the day with them and their close friends and family. 

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