27 March 2014

Travel Planning

The daylight hours may be extended into our evening hours now, but I certainly do not feel like I have any extra time in my day. Do you? Can we add some time rather than change the time? That would really help. Don't you think?
I am just being facetious because it's all about what we make as priority. Of course we cannot do everything in a day!

Gladly, my wish for more time is about to be granted because I am about to go on vacation! In Oxford, I will be able to take time to muse and write to my heart's content. I cannot wait to indulge in that. You might be thinking "why would you go somewhere on vacation to write or put your nose in a (big) handful of books?" Well, my friend, Oxford inspires me, and I love to write. I think I soak in the authors' remnant words as I walk around those streets lined with history.

I hope I find many places to sit and think, and feel inspired to write lengthy entries in my journal. I hope I walk miles each day to and from bookshops, colleges, open grassy spaces, and eateries with the cheerful spirit of the inexhaustible traveler who also takes time to observe, reflect, and watch. And much to my delight- there will be time for all that.

If I crave activity I know which streets to meander down- High Street and Cornmarket. If I crave some solitude, I know where some peaceful spots are. And every few steps is a photo opportunity. Oxford is the loveliest of cities and my mind, heart, journal, and camera will be full.

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