19 March 2014

Stormy Time Change

I am awoken by a flurry of noise
The rain crashes around my home
and I feel like I am caught
in a small cage
with thin walls

Darkness amplifies fear
so stamp it down
and realize you are safe
in God's great arms
Safer than any wall provides

Isn't it a fact that darkness amplifies things? During the day you may not even notice a rainstorm outside if you are in your home working on something. But at night, asleep, the rain hitting your window sure wakes you up and attention is drawn to it. (Or maybe you are blessed with the ability to sleep through noises)

What about light?
How do you feel about this daylight savings time change? The majority of people love the extra hours of sunny late afternoons, but I must admit I dislike waking up in the dark more than I enjoy the added daylight hours. I like to wake up when the sun is rising and the lovely, fresh morning light fills my home.

Instead, now I am dragging myself out of bed in the dark and fumbling around to turn on some lights that feel too bright for the early morning. Spotlights, they feel like.And the darkness they contrast makes me yearn to snuggle back under my covers.

Needless to say, I am not the biggest fan of the time change, but I cannot do much about it, save for write a few words of protest.

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