08 July 2014

Breakfast Nook

I think my favourite spot is this breakfast nook. It is a simple round table with wooden chairs by windows and a glass door. All these remain open all day and night until we go to bed. The sunlight and cool mountain air can thereby keep this spot comfortable. Plus, the view of the mountains, of course.

A lot of good thinking happens here, I do believe. Something about the fresh morning air in combination with the delightful sunlight and an awake mind. If the house is quiet that's even better. More thinking, more churning of the mind, more writing.

It's my favourite part of the day. The morning hours.

In the morning:
The house is the most quiet
The air is the most crisp and fresh
My mind is awake and vibrant
The mountains haven't grown shadowy
The trees rustle gently
The coffee is brewing
My pen moves across the pages with ease
Books open to me and pages breeze by

This breakfast nook is attached to the kitchen, living room, and has a door to the balcony, so it can be a busy spot. But in the morning before everyone wakes it is a perfect spot with windows and doors open. I can sit here at the table on yellow-antiqued wood chairs painted with muted flowers, with coffee and books on the table, and a refreshed mind. Slowly as the morning progresses, family members will come through to make breakfast. My baby niece will walk in with her bright smiles and a book in hand. Even she gets it. It's the spot for thinking and reading.

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