11 July 2014

Snapshots: Highlands, NC

Sweetreats ice cream is the best. It was essential that we visited at least every other day. You choose your ingredients and they mix it smooth in a machine so it's creamy and perfectly refreshing. You get your ice cream and sit outside enjoying every bit. My favourite ingredients of the week - banana and fudge, every time.
Lots of play time for my baby niece. Her Dad likes to torture her with towers, when all she wants is her little princess toy.  
Ellie and her Mom enjoying our gorgeous scenery, above the clouds.
I spent some time at Buck's Coffee Shop, downtown, with a good cappuccino, and taking a little time to check in with my work (just a little). 
A short walk down to Dry Falls, one of our favourite waterfalls to visit when we come up to this area. We've come here since I was little, so I am always fond of visiting this spot. 
You can walk behind the waterfall and feel the cool mist of water. It's a neat perspective to be behind the waterfall and hear the roar of water above your head.
Everything was so lush and rainforest-like with lichen and moss growing everywhere. The temperature was cool. The scenery stunning. 
Ellie walking behind the waterfall with her Uncle and Dad. So sweet.
Mum visiting with Ellie on our balcony. It was too beautiful outside to stay inside for snacks.
Our dinner out on the balcony, with a lovely view.
Jason and Renee enjoying some lovely weather and lovely views.
Walking around our property was delightful. Mossy grass and lush green was everywhere. It was quiet and peaceful.

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