18 July 2014

Lately: iPhone Photographs

My collection may be random, but here are some of my favourite photographs I have taken recently. Mostly these are from home or in North Carolina. Now that I have an iPhone I have much better editing capabilities (through my favourite apps Instagram and VSCO Cam) and I am enjoying that so much. I must admit, I really like my iPhone and am super happy I got it. I have always been one who is eager to take good photos and my phone allows me to do that with the additional perks of good editing apps. I find that I am loving how my photos turn out with just a couple of minor edits.

It is just simply fun to me: taking photographs that are lovely and that invoke good feelings. I tend to lean toward a softer images with a touch of contrast. Warm, earth tones are my preference. I really love that I get to use my photos here on my blog to share with others. It allows me to stretch my writing imagination as well as my photography imagination!

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