23 July 2014

Deep Water

Knowing what is right is like

deep water in the heart;
a wise person draws from
The well within.

- Proverbs 20.5

A melancholy evening is adorned with lugubrious raindrops speckling my windows. I sit from a cosy perspective watching them fall and gather on the glass, sliding down, down, down as more continue to fall in their mechanical way. Unrelenting, yet soft. Soaking into all things slowly, almost unassumingly so. You might barely notice, or not notice at all.

The water soaks into me. But I am not wet. I am refreshed with the Lord soaking me thoroughly with His love. Through and through His rain is unrelenting, and yet soft on our hearts. A gentleness this world does not give freely.

I need it. Even on good days. I need the soaking rain. I want wisdom to soak in deep so that it emerges in every aspect of my daily life.

Lord, draw near.

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