07 July 2014

Collecting Thoughts on the Open Road

Collecting thoughts on the open road - - - -

Bright blue sky and very hot. Road trip is under way. With the backseat to myself, the expansion of my thoughts is able to take up both seats.

Sometimes my words and thoughts need the space to permeate beyond my current location and setting.
I like how Alain De Botton explains it --

 "There is an almost quaint correlation between what is before our eyes and the thoughts we are able to have in our heads: large thoughts at times require large views, and new thoughts, new places."

Wide open fields graced with gentle hills glide by and it feels northern, unlike Florida. My eyes trace the hills to the far distance, imagining myself walking the slopes.

The road curves and rows of identical pine trees line the road making the road seem more closed in.

Then the road opens again to farm land and fences. My eyes spy for beautiful patches of flowers in the median. I watch for the next state's welcome sign.

Mat Kearney is singing through the speakers - a favourite road tune - - Watch the video HERE

come on and we'll see
like we were free
push the pedal down
watch the world around
fly by us
come on and we'll try
one last time

Feelings of wanderlust are accompanied by his voice singing those familiar words. This road is familiar. This path has been travelled many time before, since I was little. These mountains have my footprints in various spots, and they look the same each time I come to add some more footprints. But even the mountains are changing, like we all are.

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