28 July 2014

Downtown Vibes

A morning begins right with a good cup of coffee and a good atmosphere. On Saturday morning I took my quiet, introverted self out of my coziness to the downtown farmer's market and Mitchell's Coffee Shop. I parked along the street and walked through the farmer's market without stopping because it was so brutally hot and humid. I was even there early, a little after 9 AM. I got a cappuccino at Mitchell's and sat at the bar along the front windows so I could look out to the street and the people meandering through the market. It wasn't too busy, but it was so hot.

But it was nice in the coffee shop from the inside looking out. There was a common chatter in the background. My soul was full of thankfulness. Enjoying moments of quiet in a public place stretches me and my writing, which is a good thing. Normally, it is all too easy for me to make my own coffee at home, stay in my cosy place sipping coffee and writing, and then getting busy with errands.

This weekend, though, I was doing something different.

Something I love about this block downtown is the brick buildings. They age nicely. They change colour in the different shades of light and shadows. And they don't remind me of Florida. They are not tropical. They invoke a more Autumnal feeling with their earthly tones. Autumn seems like a distant beauty that my heart always longs for.

But for today, I will admire the beauty of the buildings, the sky, the colours before me, the coffee in my cup, the words that keep flowing to me as I continue to write, and the love that is ever-present in my life.

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