16 July 2014

Breathe Deeply: Notes on New Places

A God-shaped life is a flourishing tree.

- Proverbs 11.28

Coming back from a vacation forces me to shift back to remembering how to breathe deeply. Daily life moves quickly and tasks at hand are always pressing on you.

And I sometimes forget to breathe deeply.
And by that I mean, slow down and notice the little things.

When I go away to new scenery, no matter what it is - it could be a roadside diner, a mountain town, or a deserted building along the way, I scrutinize the scene and the details of it. I analyse textures in my mind and outlines the buildings with my eyes. I take note of the feeling of the place and decide whether I like it or not. I notice the people and how they talk (do they have an accent?) and how friendly they are (do they look at you and smile or completely keep their eyes cast down?). I notice if the air smells fresh or stuffy.

Don't you do this when you experience a new place? Or even a familiar place that you haven't been to in a while? I suspect that is part of why I love to travel so much. It gives me ample opportunities to experience and scrutinize my surroundings on a daily and hourly basis.

Do you focus on a certain thing? Such as people? Do you smile at a strong southern accent? Do you chuckle in the coffee shop when an older man asks the barista what a latte is?

God has give us variety in our lives and landscapes, and I want to experience it. These experiences help us grow into more welcoming people by forcing us to dwell in and appreciate a certain location and what it has to offer. Sometimes, it is even better than what you had imagined.

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